The tall girl in the back (andorus) wrote in volcanology,
The tall girl in the back

Erupting Sakurajima

A friend kindly passed this on--Sakurajima erupted early this morning (local time). Not a huge eruption, but there was a definite fountain of lava there for a bit.


I geeked out and translated the kanji to track down the camera's location--I believe this was a shot of the east side of Minami-dake (southern peak), which is the currently active peak in the Sakurajima volcanic system. I've been to Sakurajima once before--I made a few volcano "sojourns" when I was teaching English in Japan--and it put on a nice show of billowing smoke while I was there. :) It was one of my favorites.

Sakurajima, 09/2006
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